2. meladoodle:


    My ears. They are ringing.

    are u gonna answer em

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  4. chuck and blair being chuck and blair.

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  5. vodkacupcakes:

    they are the cutest

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  6. fionagoddess:

    Evan Peters as Jimmy Darling.

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  7. greetings:

    waking up from hangover like


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  8. We’ve got a lot of history, but there’s too much space between you and me. You have plans, yeah I have dreams, but do I have the guts in me to leave, leave, pack my shit and leave.♡ #thiswildlife #lyrics #selfie


  9. damn-fall-out-boys:


    if fob don’t release a fragrance called scenturies they’re missing out on a life changing opportunity

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